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Guitar Hero by Karcx Guitar Hero :iconkarcx:Karcx 0 1
Bittersweet Bliss - Edit
When you’re like that
The sun is opaque optimism
You live in the Bahamas
Like that
Ignite during the day
Everyone’s in the way
Evening is your healer

Rewind; All was still your friend; Replay
The sun is shining
The trees are breezing
Knowledge means nothing
When you’re like that
Don’t remember their names
All you need is your face
Identity is the only sin
Like that
Don’t believe in God
God believes in you
Worship is obscure

Now fear is the only God
When you’re like that
Everything is nothing
And nobody cares
Like that
There’s no such thing as love
But love is everything anyway

When it’s like this
Love is a renovated memory
Memories are the solutes of the air

When you’re like that
Evening is your magic
Die deep only for the night
You have infinite lives
The sun is shining
The trees are breezing
Knowledge means nothing

Like this
I find the last intimation
Time to say goodbyes

When you&
:iconkarcx:Karcx 0 0
The Cloned Routine
New silver gold gray haircut
Aging into a peaking rut
Coiled fervor in twines of frustration
Losing sight of beauty’s creation
The only understanding is sleep
Awakening to a harrowing BLEEP!
While living to die, and dying to give
Other people the chance to live
The days become my canvas for writing
But simplicity becomes hard for sighting
Glowering Earth breeds a hospital
Decaying time is the obstacle
Zoning back in to my speed up drug: coffee
The cloned routine is oh so lofty
:iconkarcx:Karcx 0 0
Do you want to meet someone extraordinary?
Who will make you believe in sky-flying fish?
Well, this guy’s anti-ordinary
He’ll make you believe in every little wish
He could go to jail
For stealing someone’s purse
But get himself the bail
By pursuing a curse
This dude could look in your window
And only offer you a melon
You’d no longer be a widow
Yeah, this man of a man is gellin’
This bro doesn’t need his face on a poster
He’s a billion times more memorable than a toaster
:iconkarcx:Karcx 0 0
Purple Skies
Obese men sell fattening cheese. Blue boards of music spinning in a framed circle. Hey, hey, hay; green leaves.
:iconkarcx:Karcx 0 5
Born by Karcx Born :iconkarcx:Karcx 2 22
My favorite place is space.
I faded from nothing to everything with the loud chatter that interrupted my thought. I returned to see the elementary school classroom with many children playing around the room because it was recess. My classmates talked while I sat on the floor listening to the conversation.
“Where’s your favorite place, Zack?” asked a fashionable little girl playing with her princess dolls.
“Mine? I don’t know,” he said, more concerned with trying to concentrate on constructing a pyramid out of blocks, “Do you have one?”
She gave him a shocked look for even having to ask, but was eager to tell, “Of course I have one! It would be in the castle and I would be the princess and rule the land.  With my good prince, of course. There would be dragons and fairies and everything. They wouldn’t be dangerous dragons though, only cute ones.”
“Yeah, good luck with that, Susan. Who’s going to take care of your
:iconkarcx:Karcx 0 12
Lucid Delusions by Karcx Lucid Delusions :iconkarcx:Karcx 2 10
Outlive Life
Pregnancy is the first step to a dismal genesis
Lust does belong to the halos of sin
Spiraling out the gates to the mundane
Man's cunning limits life's lovely nexus
Perfection sets the world askew
Structure crimps nature's virtu
Buildings of business and government
Act as a wretched rapine
Depleting the Earth's sharable land
The agog breed will survive this world
This sort of man overcomes his species
He sires an idealistic perspective
To allay the vapid creators of tears
That trickle peacefully away
This man is a wonderful wag
Knowing the joys to be born
Seeing sin as hints of advice
Substituting the even bars
Seamless cylinders of restriction
That mock our regret so sternly
His smile brightens value
Pleasantness beating the weary
Finite becomes forever
With his prevailing expression
A flawless face waxes above the ethereal
:iconkarcx:Karcx 1 9
Remember to Forget
Imagination eats the memory
Blanks seat assumptions
Contradictions can't be invited
This reception excludes the debating race
Intentions are mortified by simplicity
The plate of other's decisions
They transform within the molds of physics
Psychological disorder from earthly abstractions
Don't forget
Digest the brochure of isolation
Distracting the flavor of reality
Read the sensation of the past
Ripping copies from the pages
Fantasy fills folded paper cups
Drink to the delights
Would you prefer a drunk or sober soda
Happiness and horror spill between the two
From swimming thoughts
The gas of air above
The liquid of the beverage
To the empty solid bottom of the cup
Forget the science of history
Physical always fades
Solid always dies
Dream completion
Hallucinate everything
:iconkarcx:Karcx 0 4
Dance-fit Dormitory
The convex ceiling protruded miles above; the dormitory, a glowing white. The beds were cleared and nobody knows. Great width and length hit the walls below. Large chandeliers draped from the ceiling with burning golden tips; the metal fabric; a blanket of entirety.
I stood there gazing with everything on my mind.
He said, "Would you dance with me?"  
Yes I would, wouldn't I?
His hand touched my shoulder. His hand was cold. My shoulder was showing because we were de-clothed. Feeling a delightful lick on my lips, the hand skimmed my side's crevice to my hips. There was no indication of craving my tits. For this moment only, we were forever betrothed.
A loud symphony of silence warbled in sight. These pleasures behind walls were blocked from the night. The other hand touched my shoulder; now they're both warm. For this moment only, we were forever reborn. Nothing would scorn. Nothing is forlorn. Because it's what we do, but who wants the truth?
The ceiling fan's propellers waved like pla
:iconkarcx:Karcx 2 8
Kind Shadows of the Holidays
There's no painting time
Forever's only in the mind
When all you know is now
I assure you everything is fine
Hallmarked optimism is not my style
Shadows seem to beg the better trend
Strange that we say darkness follows
When the sun still rises
Light is now
My shadow attire doesn't hide lies
It illuminates the path from the blinding flash
The past is what it was and the future will be here
Now, soon, now again
But now is not the future anymore
And the past will be now but now can't be the past
Through time no scale could ever weigh brightness
Feeding grounds of human consequence features nothing for the cycle of day
With nothing gained and nothing lost you can't measure guilt or kindness
Weather can't be kept from the outside
It's the law of being alive
But inside decoration is a choice without worries
An artificial sun can be set to a chosen degree
So trust what I know
Everything is fine and more
Whether it seems the revolutions have stopped
And negative things still come around
The ho
:iconkarcx:Karcx 1 4
Poem A Love
Do You Understand
I Do
I'm begging
Hold my hand
I'm already married
Yes I know
Who counts
How many
Die now
Listen to me
I care
I don't understand you
Number one come
Never forget
Only one
What Are You Doing
I want you
Stop it
Do you understand
Already Married
I know
I love you
You too
:iconkarcx:Karcx 0 9
Do You Wonder? by Karcx
Mature content
Do You Wonder? :iconkarcx:Karcx 2 12
Joy's Pride
My hands have started walking
My walk has started talking
Their public talk will not be there to dishevel
My walk with their shiny crooked medal
The Angels will sing
The Devils will laugh
But I'll be cooking leftovers on my crooked kettle
My song has started laughing
My laugh has become real
Choose a value perm for life's feel deal
My crooked talk will be a happy medal
The Devils' shiny public speech will dishevel
Their talk will laugh
The Angels will sing
But I'll be kettle cooking with the cordless king
My laugh has started growing
Your irrepressible change is throwing
Your permanent life out of life's way
I know it would be like you to like you
Just don't take me down to the limited to
:iconkarcx:Karcx 0 15
Pessimism Best
And the best part of love is living in lies
There's no loving reprise
Only soul spoken goodbyes
You told me
And the best part of life is pretending applies
If Saint Serenity dares cry
The Permanent Punishment Compromise
They told me
And the best part of beliefs is substandard surprise
Caring will never be wise
Self containment is good to be dry
He told me
If anyone's said everything will all be alright
Perfection is a required memorize
And the best part of love is living in lies
You told me
You all told me
And I'm the most idealistic pessimist you'll meet
:iconkarcx:Karcx 1 21

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